Finally, I can talk about running!

Just read a book about running, by a man who’s immensely passionate about running. And something compelled me to not only read it but also write about it!

Those who know me, will be surprised about how the book landed up in my shelf, and secondly in my hands! Well, I have a fairly simple and plausible explanation to the first, I am married to a runner. So it didn’t so much land up on ‘my’ shelf as it did on ‘ours’. 🙂 What made me read it (at least at the time when I decided to) was the hope of finally being able to understand what makes running so precious to my husband. What goes on in his mind. Why does he call it ‘his meditation’.

Before you judge me as being naive, let me say this, I do understand that any form of physically intensive activity would be calming for the mind, but meditation to me is being able to channelize the mind towards something. It’s mastering the mind. In my Yoga practice, the mind is as much active and attentive as the body (I am talking of Iyengar school of Yoga). So yes, my practice is my meditation, it detaches me from the world outside and makes me focus within. But running? Forgive me for saying this, but isn’t it ‘a mind numbing exercise’, like literally!? How does that combine meditation then!? Well, I’ve argued about this for years, finally I decided to unravel the mystery. Not by running, of course not, so this book was probably my best chance.

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