” It just happens to be the way I’m made. I have to write things down to feel I fully comprehend them”

~ Haruki Murakami

A qalam (in urdu) is an instrument used for writing.

I use the ink in my qalam very often, (a natural fallout of my wanderlust) and the musings I mail out, I am often told is like hearing me speak. In other words, my qalam speaks…

Until a few months ago, I had a design venture which was fueled by my love for ‘handmade’ and ‘handcrafted’ and it left a stronger aftertaste for it. This blog was started then (in another form) to celebrate ‘all things art’.

I am currently spending my time writing, practicing Iyengar Yoga and like always, obsessing over color, creation and craft! I live mostly in two cities, Bombay and Singapore (I’ve grown up in Bombay, and a part of me stays there, at least in my mind, no matter where I actually live!) and travel to any place where my yoga workshops take me.

Here I am, speaking with my qalam about all the colors that catch my fancy. You can expect to see different shades of art and craft, books, theatre and music, movies and life!

Helping me make sense of technology, giving a form to the substance, making a blog of my musings is my dear friend and blogger Snigdha Jain.


March 2013

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  1. I want others to see your blog. I enjoy your writing and appreciate that you post about projects to help others. So, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. No obligation to respond!

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