Luck, Perspective and a Full Circle

‘Damn lucky’ is what I have been branded, pretty much all my life. And I wouldn’t much deny it either. But is that really such a simple analysis to make?

When I speak for myself, I’d say – yes, ‘coz I’ve lived this life, and chosen to believe the ‘good’ has far out numbered the ‘bad’.

When others say it though – it sounds, well, ignorant to begin with, and unimaginative and (unfortunately, sorry to say) wallowing in self-pity.

Let me take it from the top. I’ve had a comfortable and happy life. My biggest asset is my family. No matter what, I know they’ll stand by me.

Yes, I do see that’s a problem for many around me, and I really can’t thank existence enough for giving this ultimate blanket of security.

Professionally, I’ve always done exactly what I wanted to. I quit my big corporate job at a prestigious law firm because I wasn’t really feeling it. Yes, I was lucky, to be able to make that choice, without any guilt.

Couple years, many art classes, and considerable disapproving comments (of throwing away a career) later, I dreamt of starting my business. Few months into it, my partner dumped me, the business and refuse to settle accounts. But I was lucky to gather myself and move on, trust another person and follow the dream.

With no formal business or design background, I naturally fell flat on my face, several times while I ran my design based venture. But we still did a good job of taking the business national, with retail across stores in different cities of India and online. Leave hard work, passion and determination out of the equation, and you can attribute that completely to luck.

Then came another big decision – continue to stay in my city, near my family, do what I love doing the most, or leave all that behind and move to another country. ‘Oh, you’re making the choice for love, how lucky!’ Sure enough, I was, to be able to make a choice and I moved.

As ‘lucky’ as I do agree I have been, in always being able to look onward and upward, the choices haven’t been easy.

Quitting the job did mean throwing away a career, which came with its repercussions (mainly of being lost for couple of years, trying to find myself). At the time, I didn’t feel very lucky about what life was throwing at me.

Being dumped by a trusted business partner after I’d invested money into my dream, before it even took off, wouldn’t quite qualify as luck either 😉

Fighting many battles, including within myself, to start over and keep going, despite personal setbacks for the next few years, was tough, to say the least.

Finally, letting it all go, once again, to trust once again that the decision (both personal and professional) will pay off was also a gamble.

Sure enough, it paid off. It mostly has. But I’ve had misses and I still do.
Is luck subjective then? Lets see what ‘being lucky’ means to me:
– the ability to do the work you enjoy
– the ability to make a difference with your work
– the ability to live close to your family and have Sunday lunches together
– the ability to travel solo, to gather the biggest and best experiences of life.

If I were to analyze the above on ‘luck parameter’, currently I’d give myself:
Very lucky,
Pretty unlucky (my parents and my brother live in a different country)
Damn unlucky

Sure I have securities like finance and a loving loving family, and I value that very much. But you may have the ability to explore your optimal life in terms of living exactly where you want and how you want. That, you can’t appreciate it is what makes you unlucky and my ability to see it (despite wavering beliefs at times) is perhaps what makes me lucky.

This reminds me of a note I wrote to myself, long ago, at a time when I was making some really tough existential choices. And I look back at it, each time I am faced with the ‘pressure of conforming’ (though I don’t consider myself a non-conformist, I have made several obvious/ordinary choices in life).

“all I ever really wanna be, is myself”

And I struggle with that, just as much as everyone does. The only difference between my struggle and someone else’s, is that I see others struggling as well.

Luck, in that sense, to me is a pretty frivolous concept. It’s the ability to see the silver lining that matters. And then, it’s upto you to attribute it to either perspective or simplify it as ‘luck’.

Brings me to another thought I had made a note of:

…I may not be wise, but I have a perspective…
…I have my flaws and I realise that…
…If I don’t love you, I don’t hate you either…

For this perspective, I thank Yoga, where I learn the importance of ‘balance’ and ‘being grounded’ in an asana. And I thank my Guruji, for making me realize the context of asanas in life.

Was I merely lucky to have stumbled on Iyengar yoga? No, I took myself to it and I work really hard each day to learn and grow.


13 thoughts on “Luck, Perspective and a Full Circle

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  2. I haven’t seen you come through my reader lately and thought I’d check your blog to see where you’re at. I’m so glad I did!! This post spoke to me and where I’m at right now. I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I so desperately need a change from my career and also want to pursue work in the arts. Work finishes in a few weeks for the summer, and I’m off to Jamaica for 3 weeks (or more). I look forward to what my travels will reveal and the inspiration I will have to help me decide what to do next. Until change becomes a reality, I will continue to practice patience. I look forward to sharing my journey as honestly and beautifully as you’ve shared yours. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    • Thanks Aviena!
      That ‘sorted tone’ was all in retrospect. And I wrote it as a reminder of how things get simplified with time. 🙂 Am glad you connected with it. All the best to you.

  3. accepting the fact and moving ahead, is what you did, there will be situations when we go back retrospecting in our thoughts, but being happy and living in the present with a plan for future is a good thing to do, personally, I do lot of retrospecting many times, but, time to move forward is the auto suggestion I give to my mind,

    good to go through your perspective 🙂

  4. I was on some other blogs when I chanced upon yours. I feel like you lived my life because I too after a successful career of a software engineer moved abroad to be with my husband. Now I have my own small business
    and want to write about my adventure! Thanks for writing about your journey. It’s inspiring and extremely friendly to know that there are others out there leading similar lives and being happy about it.

    Do write more so I can enjoy them.

    Warm regards,

    • Thanks Namrata. Am glad you connect with this. I keep promising myself that I will get back to writing more here 🙂
      Where have you moved btw? If its Singapore, we can chat over coffee sometime 🙂


  5. That’s so sweet… But I’m in the US (hubby is also a software engineer). I’m soon planning to start a blog and I hope you will visit it!! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to your writings. You have such an honest voice. Make sure you write soon to appease your many fans. 🙂

    Warm regards,

    • Aah, all the best with the move 🙂
      Do give me a nudge when you start writing. Now I promise to you ill get back soon 🙂
      Thanks for the lovely things you said about the blog!

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