With love, from the kitchen…

What do you do when your best friend makes the most amazing, all natural cosmetics, and you are a sucker for handmade and handcrafted with a blog? Well, you put two and two together (it’s easy math ;-)) and proud as you are, you brag about it!

Meet Ilaria Zinzani and ‘La cosmetica in dispensa’.
La Cosmetics In Dispensa

I asked her a few questions to write about her and she, who always tells me how well I write, sent these beautifully expressed answers! So warm, personal, honest… so like her… and any interpretation by me, would have been a distortion, so I decided to let it be as is…

Hearing it now, straight from the horses’ mouth (with my little bits)!

Here’s how it all started:

Ilaria: I have always loved smells and the connection between some smell and memories…
I have always loved colors, flowers, essences and exotic ingredients… and I have always spent a lot of money on natural soaps and natural cosmetics…

I started almost 2 years ago, it was a day were my mood was not so good, quite sad… and I started making soap… I felt so great and relieved after that, that I haven’t stopped! Finally I had found a way to express my creativity!

Nice eh? Incidentally, the first time I made a connection between a smell and a memory was when she and I were in Rishikesh in India, walking by the Ganga river early morning and that familiar smell of the river and the early morning crisp air brought back some old memories of another such early morning, long time ago, when we were there!

She’s also studying naturopathy and training to be an Iyengar yoga teacher.

Ilaria: In naturopathy, I am studying how to cure with food, herbs and flower remedies… I don’t study how to make cosmetics at school, but studying the herbs is useful to know what to put in lotions and soaps according to the person’s needs.

Warm, personal… I said that about her right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Now comes the lovely products:

Ilaria: I make soaps, oils, solid oils, lotions, lip balms, scrubs, make up remover. Most people love the lip balm with honey and orange and vanilla essential oils I make. Also, a solid cream made of shea and cocoa butter, rice oil, cinnamon and mustard seeds for scrubbing. The idea is to use simple ingredients normally used for food. (that’s the reason for the name, translated “cosmetics from the pantry”)

“how does it sound???” she asks me,
“Straight from the heart” is what I feel!

My own favorites are the lip balm, the rose soap and a lemon-honey-sugar scrub (that one is hard to resist eating!).

lip balm

rose soap

coffee soap

lavender soap

anti mosquito oil

Coconut scrub

lemon sugar scrub

She also teaches how to make some of these products:

Ilaria: I teach how to make soaps and simple homemade cosmetics using ingredients that you can use for cooking: especially different kind of flours, honey, olive oil, sesame oil, cocoa butter, spices, etc…and I add some seasonal ingredients (herbs, flowers, fruits) according to the season we are in.
I do the workshops in organic caffรจ or at home for private small groups.

Ilaria lives in Faenza, Italy. Here are her contacts if you want to give her a nudge:

lacosmeticaindispensa@gmail.comย or


The simplicity of her thoughts, her love for organic and natural food, it all reflects in her products. I have yet to meet someone who stands for his/her product as much as she does!

…and because I know how much she loves what she does, I can confidently say, it really is made with love, in her kitchen. ๐Ÿ™‚


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