A reason to celebrate!

Picture this:
a bunch of kids – drenched in water – armed with a host of colors – music on the house – food galore – gleeful faces!

The first word that comes to mind is:


Holi is exactly that, a story of faith, the celebration of love, the destruction of ego, and the joy and verve is expressed across india, with colors!

Story goes, Prahalad (a great devotee of Lord Vishnu) emerged unscathed out of fire, which was meant to burn him to death and instead accounted for his evil aunt Holika’s life.

Legend also has it that Krishna (a reincarnation of Vishnu) loved playing Holi with his beloved Radha. The festival is celebrated with much gusto even today in Vrindavan (Krishna’s playground) with colors and rose petals!

LEGENDARY! This had to be celebrated! šŸ™‚

While I was inevitably spending yet another Holi dreaming of being in Vrindavan for this spectacle, I decided not be completely alien to the chaos of colours!

I woke up early, cooked up a feast (yes, what’s a celebration without a feast!?), and armed with all the peels and scraps of the cooking, I made my holi colors:

Here’s how it went:

Onion peels boiled in water makes a lovely pink!

Onion peels ready to go in!

Making the lovely pink!

Onion PInk!!

Peels of beetroot soaked in water for a few hours gave me this gorgeous magenta!

Making Magenta!


For yellow, I mixed dry carrot peel powder and a little turmeric with flour and water (be careful to add just enough water to start with to make a paste. Then our in the rest, to avoid any lumps!)

the yellow paste!

the yellow color!

I used the water from boiled spinach, added some coriander and mint stems to it and put it back on the fire for a while, for the green!

boiling the greens

green, in the process

and the party begin…. (before I had even finished photographing!! :-))

We used it to water the plants in our garden and of course splashed it all around!

What started out as a quest for a colourful meal on Holi, turned out to be a color fest than a colorful feast!

By the end of the evening we were like a bunch of a bunch of kids, drenched in colorful water, with music and a fest of a dinner and gleeful faces!

That was a happy Holi indeed! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “A reason to celebrate!

  1. Wish I had known about your vegetable based Holi colours a few days ago when my group played Holi at Udaipur! Holi neophytes, we were invited to a local home and although the Holi was spectacular, the colour stained hair, nails, skin that no amount of scrubbing could get rid of. I learnt later that unbeknownst to the parents, the kids had laced the water with chemical dyes for a lark.

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